Alpha Codes Manifesto

Over the course of our involvement as investors & contributors in nearly 100 NFT projects, we’ve oftentimes been more disappointed than inspired.


The majority of NFT projects have become silos of insincerity: 


Fast-growing Discord groups incentivize their users to only interact for handouts or personal gain, all while preaching values of community and mutual benefit.


Bots or spammers infiltrate projects with the sole objective of poaching users into yet another soon-to-be illiquid mint.


Community funds are either spent on propositions that add zero value to the people, or are lost/stolen altogether due to incredibly poor wallet custody.


And worst off – founders and their teams routinely jump ship to enjoy the fruits of their labor as early as possible, leaving communities to languish, which inevitably creates long-term pessimism amongst affected users.

Lack of Long-term Thinking

Web3 is ushering in a wave of exciting change that gives unparalleled opportunities to create value, real-world impact, and diverse communities. Yet a growing number of artists, developers, and leaders have shunned NFTs entirely due to the common malpractices of those looking to make a quick buck – forcing the NFT community to look like a retread of the ICO failures of 2017.


To all creators, we ask you this: where will your communities be in 2 years? 5 years? And if you haven’t thought that far in advance – shouldn’t you be forthright to your community about that? 


Are you waking up every day obsessing over how you can provide to a community that has supported and invested their hard-earned assets into your project? 


The overwhelming evidence points to a resounding ‘no’. In response, our project is an initiative that aims to lead by example. We’re here to show you what a model NFT project should look like. 

The Alpha Codes Mission

Engagement must go beyond incentivized bribery. While we do believe in engaging other communities through partnerships, collaborations and giveaways – these should be viewed not as a means to an end, but as a reward for finding common purpose.


For those who join the Alpha Codes movement: you’ll be encouraged to share your story, perspectives, and voice in a number of community led initiatives. Your NFT will become a gateway to an exclusive, strategically planned movement that already has and will continue to attract top performers across the world.


This includes top performing traders, ground-breaking artists, physical and mental health experts, all with a variety of perspectives to share. But also new investors, those working hard to achieve financial independence at a young age, and budding visionaries looking for mentorship and a place of belonging to call their own.


By creating a holistic community of people who interact FOR each other, and not just for the promise of a reward – we can create a durable project for years, similar to how top performing masterminds continue to give value to their members decades after founding.


In the future, your Alpha Code NFT will be evidence to the world that you were a pioneer in the field – and the success reaped by dedicated members of our community will be the envy of similar status-quo-disruptors looking for a home.


We’re asking a lot of our community, and to many investors in the NFT space, it might seem daunting or overwhelming. But that’s the point.


We don’t want short-term, disinterested newcomers who are juggling hundreds of different discords, mining for engagement and the next big white list spot. We want to create a long-term family – the largest of its kind, and the most dedicated in our space. 


We want our members to receive benefits that are more creative & high value than any other NFT community ever made. We will be the envy of future NFT communities – yet with the humility to not rest on our laurels, but to continue serving one another and our users as long as we can.


If it all sounds a little too ambitious, come chat with us. We have open ears & open minds.


Because ultimately, we’re here to prove the armchair critics wrong about what these projects can be. And hopefully one day, they’ll want to be part of Alpha Codes too.